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Placement agency

 Fundación Coremsa is established as a private placement agency authorized by the State Public Employment Service with the aim of fighting the economical crisis and the lack of employment in Spain.

As a placement agency, we have participated in some employability programs such as:

Implementation of a State Public Employment Service specific programme on qualification and promotion of youth employability (aged -30) which facilitated the education & training of low skilled 315 participants in three professional qualifications. In addition, all participants obtained professional apprenticeship. Expediente FIII07AA (2012)

Support to Plan Prepara: professional re-training programme for people whose unemployment protection has expired. This plan affords personalised treatment for integration into the labour market under the condition that they actively seek employment.

Professional Guidance in Velez-Malaga: design and implementation of a career guidance service to job seekers with low qualifications in order to provide tailored and individualised support aiming at labour market integration. In the frame of this project, Coremsa has placed 126 people: 72 men and 52 women in all ages. The guidance services included all kind of support, including personal branding and different trainings.

Your Eures-FSE Job a State Pubic Employment Service programme to support worker mobility (no age limit) Fundación Coremsa is SEPE´s official partner in managing this mobility project.

In 2015 Fundación Coremsa obtained the "seal" of Entity adhered to Entrepreneurship Strategy and Youth Employment 2013-2016" from the DG Self-employment, Social Economy and Social Responsibility of Enterprises.